Automated Rebate calculations.
Multiple avenues to claim rebates, either centrally or direct to merchants.
Unlimited rebate combinations
The eBiz platform can automatically calculate many types of rebate, from simple guaranteed rebates through to complex string rebates
Member and date restrictions
Customise participation and visibility of certain rebates to certain merchants
In/Out rebates
Different rebate in and payable out amounts, catering to different group funding mechanisms.
Rebate threats and opportunies
Maximise earnings by making sure your group doesn't miss targets, or pass-up opportunites for maxixmal rebate earning potential
Rebate projections
Rebate projections estimate future earning potential, promote cost-savings, and offer a competitive edge.
Payment Requests, payment management, and chasing tools
A vast array of tools to manage claiming rebates, chasing rebates, and distributing rebates to merchants.
Rebate Distribution Dashboards
Easy track the status of rebates, provide merchants with a timeline for payments, and analyise rebate earnings over time
Rebate claim routes
Whether your members claim rebates directly, they get claimed and then distributed by thr group, or a combination of both, the eBiz platform has you covered

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