Purchasing Agreements

Create flexible & comprehensive purchasing agreements, which can be exported/signed in PDF format.

  • Completely flexible structure
  • Export and print to PDF
  • Unlimited "sections" and "terms"
  • Simple discount only deals through to complex multi-string rebates
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Turnover & Spend Analysis

Detailed analaysis by member or by category.

  • Breakdown of spend by member by product group
  • Charts and reports to see trends are targets
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Document Management

Comprehensive document management functionality.

  • Secure documents
  • Time limited documents
  • Document Thumbnails
  • Document searching
  • Documents associated with agreements, vendors, events and more
  • Easy upload wizard and moderation so vendors can upload their own pricelists and promotions.
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Rebate Calculations

Highly accurate automated rebate calculations.

  • Multiple rebate periods; montly, quarterly, annual and more...
  • Member restricted rebates
  • Time restricted rebates
  • Strung rebates
  • Guaranteed or targetted rebate levels
  • Individual or group targets
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Create meetings or events, with invitees, speakers, delegates and more.

  • Outlook integration
  • Multi-day events
  • Event Location (including directions from current users office)
  • Minutes and agenda
  • Secure meetings
  • Event registration
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Fully granular security for all users.

  • Unlimited user roles
  • Assign security to documents, agreements, spend...even individual clauses within an agreement.
  • View/Create/Edit/Delete permissions configurable by object
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