Secure document management.
Secure management of documents, with smart security providing robust security with minimal administrative burden.
Full granular security with access/edit/modify/delete permissions with inheritance.
Security permissions on all folders and documents, which can be as granual as needed to ensure confidentiality
Intuitive and automated folder structure
Folders get created automatically when creating agreements, events, tenders, meaning less admin overhead
File upload
Suppliers can upload their own documents which can be moderated centrally by admin staff, or even get through multi-step approval processes
Time senstive documents
Documents and folders can be set as time sensitive, which makes life easy for users who only need to see currently relevant documents.
Automated thumbnail generation
Document thumbnails are automatically created, so users can browse files like promotions onscreen
Inline document previews
Documents can be previewed at full scale onscreen, reducing the need for unnecessary downloads
Document access auditing
Full audits for document previews and downloads, so you know who has seen what documents
AI Document summarizing
ChatGPT integration to automatically summarise large documents

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