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eBiz Service Level Agreement


The agreement covers the provision and support of the eBiz Intranet.

This agreement remains as valid until revised, and will be reviewed annually, with further reviews in the case of a breach of this agreement. There is a section for mutually endorsed minor changes at the end of this document.

Service Description

The eBiz Intranet consists of a web-based intranet/extranet system, which provides the Customer (its partners/members/subsidiaries, and vendors) access to contact information, company information, a calendar, a document management system, modular purchasing agreements, turnover figures, rebate calculations, group and individual partner earnings, and rebate distributions. It may also cover other services on a per-client basis.

Service Support Hours

Customers can expect support for the service to be available during all regular business hours. All times listed are for GMT.

Regular hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Support cannot be expected on weekends or on all holidays that the bank observes.


Renewal Policy

Domain names are provided as part of your Fixed Price Agreement, and are renewed on your behalf by eBiz automatically.

Domain names which have expired

If you request that you no longer wish us to provide you any services, we will allow your domain name to expire. All services we provide to your domain will be suspended once it expires, and you will have up to 90 days after expiry to renew your domain name. The renewal of your domain name must be requested by phone before the 80th day after your domain has expired to allow us to administrate your request, we will renew your domain name at the current two year registration fee. After 90 days your domain will be cancelled and deleted from the register, it will be then made available for resale through a third party registrar. eBiz will not guarantee the renewal of a domain name.

Transfer Out Policy

If you wish to transfer your domain name away to another service provider, please contact us a minimum of 30 days in advance of your domain name expiring. We will assist you with your transfer request, once all outstanding balances have been settled in full. eBiz will not charge you for transferring your domain name away to another service provider (data transfer charges may apply).

Customer Support

The point of contact for users will be through the Service Desk. Phone: 020 719 33777 Email:

We recommend support through our email support system so incident resolution can be tracked and monitored.

Incident resolution will happen 95 percent of the time in fewer than 48 hours for nominal incidents, and within 1 hour for complete outages of the service.

For critical service issues (such as partial outages or security issues), subjects must contain the word “Critical” for them to be expedited as a critical issue for a 4 hour response time. Critical issues will be acknowledged by receipt within 1 hour.

Service Availability

Required availability for these services is 99.9% uptime, not counting planned maintenance times which occur during the following maintenance windows:

Daily: 4-5am.

Weekends 12am-5am.

The 99.9% availability metric will be measured by a rolling 6-month period.

Uptime is measured using independent third party tools, and a daily and weekly SLA report can be viewed here: (please bear in mind the public SLA does not factor in scheduled maintaince windows).


The service is guaranteed not to break more than 3 times per year. A break is defined as the loss of access to a vital business function that exceeds the 4 hour critical issue window.

The service is also guaranteed not to exceed 6 critical issues per year. If this threshold is reached, a review of all critical issues will be required.

Service Performance

Designed for high performance, the intranet should not keep the user waiting for response to an input for more than an average of 1 second out of any ten-minute window (measured from London, Dublin, Washington DC, San Fransico and Frankfurt). Any failures must be reported to the Service Desk for incident resolution. Current service levels can be viewed at all times on our website:

Backup and recovery

Incremental backups of data are taken at 5 minute intervals and are used solely for disaster recovery, to ensure any data loss (in the event of catastrophic failure) is minimal.

Daily full backups are taken at 1am every night, and are stored for 14 days in a fast restore location, before being “frozen” in near-line storage backup facilities for a further 14 days, giving a full 28 days of full daily backups. Full monthly backups are taken on the 1st of each month, and are stored for 12 months, and are also frozen and stored in near-line storage.

Restoration of backups for data mining (i.e restoring backups to view individual records or small groups of records) is available for a one-off fee of £95 per backup. Backups stored in near-line storage (anything over 14 days) can take up to 12 hours for a restoration, and as such as subject to a £145 one-off restoration fee.

Extra backups are available, at any increment and can be kept for any length of time, at a cost of £1 per Gb per backup.


Strong passwords must be used to access all services. Strong passwords are defined as having more than eight characters, not matching standard “dictionary” definitions, and having at least two of the following four characteristics:

  1. Two or more numbers
  2. One or more punctuation marks
  3. One or more symbols
  4. Fewer than three of the same characters consecutively

Service Reviews

Reviews of the service will be conducted by eBiz in conjunction with the Customer at least annually, as well as after a major outage or change.

Testing & Development

Issues reported as service issues will be added to incremental releases and will be patched automatically, and tested by eBiz without the need for sign off from the Customer. All major release will be tested using our testing guidelines, which you can view here.

Release schedule

In order to maintain the service and reliability level commitments highlighted within this SLA, major and minor version updates will be scheduled for quarterly release. New features and functionality can be requested and voted for using our feature request form ( Priority for new features and functionality will be based on votes, perceived mutual benefit, and by funding sponsorship.

Major version releases will be released to a new server cluster. Clients have a 30 day window to migrate to ensure minimal disuption.