We help Buying Groups & Societies reduce overheads and provide their members with clear, concise, valueable metrics.


What we deliver

Agreement Management

Centralised Purchasing Agreements and Terms


Email solutions for better inter-group communication


Promotions and bulk buying opportunities

Contact & Companies

Contact and company directory

Rebate Management

Rebate earnings and rebate distributions

Spend Analysis

Member level spend analysis across categories

Diary and Calendar

Group diary and calender

Price movements

Price changes and notifications

Granular Security

Permission/Role based granular security

How we are different

We listen

Learning from your clients is the easiest way to understand their needs. If you understand their needs, then you deliver a result they want and expect. If you deliver, then they'll recommend you to others.

It's simple really, but something that is often overlooked.

We Understand

There is no agency that understands your sector like we do; it comes from all that listening.

It's not rocket science - it's experience, and experience is something you cannot buy.

We're trusted

Our software holds incredibly sensitive information - such as over £1bn in supply chain activity.

We respect absolutely the working relationship we have with our clients, and are dedicated to providing and nurturing a secure & trustworthy relationship from the beginning.

We're agile

Not only is our development process agile, we're agile as a company.

We're small, and we plan to stay that way. Technology moves fast, and big companies are sluggish and find it hard to change.

We help Merchants and Suppliers turn their website into a valuable asset.