• Promotion browser
  • Automated thumbnail generation of all documents for quick and easy browsing.
  • Fully categorised promotions
  • Promotion date restrictions
  • AI powered relevance engine so promotions are prioritised based on spend
  • Hide promotions already viewed


Buying at the right time and at the right price, is essential for members to maximise their margins, and make the most of seasonal and off season offers, along with multi-buy/bulk-buying offers that are often extended to buying groups.

Promotions and bulk-buying opportunities come and go, so it's criticial for members to know what offers are currently active, which are coming soon, and which have already expired - something that suppliers/vendors don't make as obvious as they could(!).

Our system provides a promotional area where all promotions can be viewed, searched, filtered by category and start/expiry date, so members can get the information they need about all current promotions:

  1. Promotion Browser
    Promotions can be filtered and searched by category, start date, expiry date and supplier.
  2. Automatic Thumbnail generation
    PDF based promotions are automatically converted into jpegs, so users can browser them on screen without having to download individual offers.
  3. Bulk Buying
    Members can participate in bulk buying opportunities, to get even better discounts when the group commits to certain levels of orders from suppliers.
  4. AI powered relevence engine
    Promotions are prioritised based on a partners spend with a supplier, which means the promotions likely to have the most impact are sorted so they appear first