Purchasing Agreements

  • Highly customisable and modular agreements
  • Simple deals through to complex multi rebate deals with strings, growth, stepped and umbrella rebates
  • Simple dashboard for quick access to key information
  • Access to associated deal documents such as related price lists, promotions, offers, and marketing material
  • Acess to financial information such as deal spend, rebate earned, rebate accured, rebate and spend projections and more.
  • Secure entire deals or individual deal terms
  • PDF Export
  • Automatic emailing to supplier/vendor for approval
  • Multiple deal states (with negotiator, with supplier, awaiting moderation, confirmed)
  • Historic, current and forthcoming agreements

Purchasing Agreements

Purchasing Agreements are the cornerstone of any buying group. They specify the terms of trade between group members and suppliers/vendors. They detail any discounts, delivery information, rebates, key sales and finance contacts, agreement duration, expected commitment, and much more.

The issue with trading agreements is that they are, by their nature, full of information. Information which is not of equal use to everyone within each member company. For example, sales staff may benefit from knowing about discounts, delivery lead times, and key sales contacts. Finance staff, however, may instead need to know about rebates, historic spend, price changes, finance contacts and delivery charges.

In addition, some staff may need to be restricted in the information they can view. For instance, it is sometimes wise to prevent sales staff from accessing rebate information in case they trade these rebates away, not fully understanding how they work.

Agreement Dashboard

The agreement dashboard extracts key information from the agreement and displays it to people in a much more intuitive way - giving them easy access to the key parts of the agreement they need to know about, grouped into clearly defined areas.

The dashboard gives users access to key agreement terms, agreement duration and product ranges covered, rebates (if permissions allow), price lists, promotions, supplier key contacts, and deal negotiator and administrator contact details.

Customisable Structure

Each purchasing agreement has configurable "sections", which include flexible terms within each section - meaning grouping information into key areas is easy.

Sections can be moved, cloned, adjusted, hidden from the dashboard and have specific permissions applied, which means certain agreement terms can only be visible to users depending on their level of access.

Rebate types include guaranteed, stepped/targetted, group growth, individual member growth, individual member targetted, string, fully or non retrospective.

Agreement and element security

Entire agreements - or individual elements within an agreement - can be secured. So if you have an agreement that only some members can see and participate in, or if you want to restrict access to certain deal terms, all of this can be easily achieved.

In addition to granting access, you can easily block access too.

Along with read access, you can also assign edit access and delete access, which means you can select certain users who can view deals/elements, certain users who can edit agreements/elements, and furthermore, certain users who can delete agreements/elements - giving you total security for both read, write, and delete access.

Rebate Earnings

Every deal has a complete breakdown of rebate earning by rebate type, by period, and by member.

You can at a glance see turnover for that rebate period, the levels of rebate achieved by each member and whether those rebates have been paid.

You can also run rebate simulations when configuring your agreement, where the system automatically generates test turnover to ensure your rebates calculate as expected (for example, when you have complicated string rebates).

Spend Analysis

Analyise spend over the agreent period, and see in a heatmap members spending the most, and most popular months in an easy to understand graph and table.

Speadsheets detailing spend over the agreement period are automatically generated periodically, so users can download an excel file detailing all spend, in all product ranges within an agreement.

Document Access

Documents and folders relating to an agreement are shown, which can be managed like a regular file browser.

Users can download documents, and administrators can drag and drop files and folders to manage them easily.

As with agreements and elements, files and folders can have permissions assigned, ensuring only the right people can see certain folders or documents.

Files can also have date restrictions, so current and expired files (such as price lists) can be easily hidden from the dashboard, and are clearly labelled as expired or current when browsing all files and folders.