Fortis Merchant Network

FORTIS is a mixed Timber, Building and Lighstside merchant purchasing group with a visionary way of doing business, boldly putting supplier Partners at the centre of everything they do. They are creating a different sort of purchasing organisation, one owned by its members all of whom are dedicated to working together as a team with an associated supply chain to meet their common needs and grow market share for the benefit of all involved.

FORTIS, made up of businesses that were previously members of two alternative buying groups, has 38 member companies across the UK (approx 290 branches) with combined annual revenues of approx £1.0bn


Our take

Fortis is made up of members from two alternative buying groups, both of whom we had worked with for over 10 years. So whilst Fortis is a new group, the management and members were all very familiar to us, and they knew the way our system worked, and what was expected of it. Because of that, setup, configuration, and customisation was relatively painless and easy.

However, Fortis have two system setup, one for Heavyside Building Materials, and one for Lightside/Plumbing materials, which does add a layer of complexity.

They utilise 80% of the functionality of our system, with over 1000 targeted emails going out to members each day, notifying them of price list changes, new promotions, and much more.

Tom Miller, Managing Director at eBiz