Email & Communication

  • Category based email notifications
  • Daily news digests
  • Turnover reminders and rebate chasing
  • Price List changes and deal updates
  • Full network drive access, for easy access and management of documents direct in Windows.
  • Slack style chat module
  • Individual or team chats
  • Fully encrypted & secure chat channels
  • Secure Document and file sharing
  • Team chats

Email & Communication


Effective communication is vital for a buying group to deliver the information it's members need.

They need to know about price changes, new promotions, trade terms, delivery issues or stock problems.

However, you cannot email everyone about every issue - they'll get flooded with emails that don't affect their job (finance staff don't care about stock shortages, and sales staff don't care about rebate payment delays), or they get information about products and suppliers they don't sell or buy from (plumbers merchants don't need to know about cement delivery delays).

Our system helps groups delivery information is soon as it is know, whilst ensuring only the people that need to know, know!

Users select both product categories they need information about, and the types of updates they receive.

  1. Category Control
    Users select the categories they are interested in, so only updates about products within those categories get sent to them.
  2. Notification Types
    Users select the update types they wish to be notified about, such as "Trading Information", "Price List changes", "Promotions and offers" etc. etc.
  3. Instant Notifications
    User can choose to be notified by email instantly, when an update falls within the filters above.
  4. Daily email digest
    User can opt in to receive a daily digest of updates, rolled into a single email. These updates are all from the previous days trading


Email is a great tool, but has inherent problems. Firstly, if a team member leaves or joins a category team, they have no record of the existing communications between the team - they're in the dark. Secondly, when back-and-forth between a team or individuals is common, emails can be overwhelming and get lost. This is where secure chat comes in.

Our realtime chat system is similar to slack - you can chat individually or within teams - both public and private teams. Teams can share documents and file securely between each other, and search chat history and previous conversations - with unlimited historic chat storage.

All chats have a round-up email, sopeople who missed the chat are notifiied of the record of the chat after it has concluded.