Spend analysis, reporting and querying

At eBiz, we recognize the critical role of Turnover and Reporting in driving informed decision-making within Buying Groups. Our platform provides an array of features that empower members to seamlessly query turnover and facilitates comprehensive reporting capabilities for the group’s strategic analysis.

Members can effortlessly query their turnover directly through email, enhancing accessibility and ease of use. Our user-friendly interface enables members to retrieve the information they need promptly, fostering a transparent and collaborative environment within the Buying Group.

The reporting functionality of eBiz is designed for flexibility and depth. Groups can generate reports based on multiple dimensions, allowing for a granular analysis of spend. Whether you’re interested in examining turnover by category, supplier, member, or specific agreement, eBiz provides the tools to derive valuable insights, facilitating strategic decision-making.

Automated reminder functions ensure that suppliers stay on top of their reporting obligations, enhancing compliance and accuracy. These reminders streamline the reporting process, making it a seamless part of the group’s operational workflow.

For enhanced efficiency, eBiz integrates seamlessly with NMBS EDI data, streamlining the data exchange process and ensuring that information is up-to-date and accurate. Furthermore, our platform has the potential to integrate with popular systems such as K8, Intact, Border, and Bistrack. This integration capability enables Buying Groups to leverage existing infrastructure, maximizing the value derived from their technology stack.

In conclusion, eBiz stands as the epitome of Turnover and Reporting functionality for Buying Groups. From streamlined member queries and comprehensive reporting across various dimensions to automated reminders and seamless integrations, eBiz provides the tools necessary for informed decision-making and operational excellence. Elevate your buying group’s analytical capabilities with eBiz and unleash the power of data-driven collaboration.