Purchasing Agreements

Purchasing agreements are at the core of the eBiz platform.

Highly customisable and modular agreements

Our system can handle virtually any type of agreement, with any number of sections and terms.

Simple deals through to complex multi rebate deals with strings, growth, stepped and umbrella rebates

We can automatically calculate many types of rebate, from simple guaranteed rebates through to complex string rebates

Simple dashboard for quick access to key information

Users get access to core deal information in a simple to use dashboard

Access to associated deal documents such as related price lists, promotions, offers, and marketing material​

Users can view associated files from any agreement, including promotions, price increase notifications, price files and more.

Access to financial information such as deal spend, rebate earned, rebate accured, rebate and spend projections and more.​

Users can see spend through multiple categories within an agreement, enabling them to validate their spend against their internal ledger

Secure entire deals or individual deal terms​

Security is paramount, and the eBiz platform ensures users only get to see the information that the need to effectively do their job. 

Secure entire deals or individual deal terms​

Agreement flexibility is a corner stone of the eBiz system.

PDF Export​

Deals can be exported into PDF format that go through our security protocols to reduce the risk of unsanctioned document sharing

Automatic emailing to supplier/vendor for approval​

Our digital signoff process means the entire deal lifecycle is transparent and easy to use.

Multiple deal states (with negotiator, with supplier, awaiting moderation, confirmed)​

Tracking the status of agreements during the notification phase is incredibly important for category managers and directors.

At eBiz, we understand that the success of any Buying Group relies on streamlined and efficient processes, especially when it comes to creating purchasing agreements. That’s why our SaaS platform is designed to offer unparalleled flexibility and intuitiveness in crafting these essential documents.

With eBiz, gone are the days of cumbersome, time-consuming agreement creation. Our user-friendly interface empowers users to effortlessly navigate through the agreement creation process, allowing for the swift customization of agreements to meet specific Buying Group needs. The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the addition, removal, or modification of clauses, ensuring that users can tailor contracts with ease.

What sets eBiz apart is its flexibility to accommodate diverse agreements. Whether it’s negotiating terms, setting pricing structures, or outlining specific terms and conditions, our platform adapts to the unique requirements of each Buying Group. Real-time collaboration features enable multiple stakeholders to contribute and review, fostering a collaborative environment for creating comprehensive and effective agreements.

Our advanced features, such as version control and audit trails, ensure transparency and accountability throughout the agreement lifecycle.

In conclusion, eBiz revolutionizes the way Buying Groups create agreements by combining flexibility and intuitiveness. We empower our users to build agreements efficiently, fostering stronger partnerships and driving success in the competitive business landscape.