Promotions and bulk buying

In the realm of buying groups, strategic purchasing is paramount for maximizing margins and capitalizing on seasonal or off-season offers, including multi-buy and bulk-buying opportunities often extended to group members. However, staying abreast of these dynamic promotions can be challenging, as suppliers may not always make the information readily available.

eBiz addresses this challenge with a robust Promotions and Offers functionality, providing members with a centralized hub for accessing, filtering, and searching promotions. The Promotion Browser allows users to effortlessly filter promotions by category, start date, expiry date, and supplier, ensuring that they have a comprehensive view of all current offers.

To enhance user experience, our platform incorporates an Automatic Thumbnail Generation feature. PDF-based promotions are seamlessly converted into JPEGs, allowing users to preview offers directly on-screen without the need for individual downloads. This streamlines the process, making it more efficient for members to assess the potential impact of each promotion.

eBiz takes bulk buying to the next level by enabling members to participate in collective purchasing opportunities. This feature allows the group to unlock additional discounts by committing to specific order quantities from suppliers, ensuring that members reap the benefits of collaborative buying power.

Adding a touch of intelligence to the process, eBiz employs an AI-powered relevance engine. Promotions are prioritized based on a partner’s spending history with a supplier, ensuring that the most impactful promotions are prominently featured. This personalized approach maximizes the relevance of promotions for each member, optimizing the potential impact on their operations.

In essence, eBiz’s Promotions and Offers functionality revolutionizes how buying groups navigate and capitalize on promotional opportunities, providing a user-friendly interface, advanced filtering options, and intelligent prioritization to empower members in their purchasing decisions.