Price and Product Management

In any industry, staying informed about cost prices is crucial for business success. Managing price changes, especially in volatile markets, becomes complex when dealing with numerous suppliers. A small oversight in commodity product prices can significantly impact margins and a member’s bottom line. Buying groups provide a valuable advantage by centralizing these price changes and distributing them to members when necessary.

To address the challenge of information overload and ensure the right people receive relevant data, eBiz introduces robust functionality for Pricing and Product Information Management (PIM). Members can seamlessly stay updated on their current cost prices through the following features:

Centralized Location: Price files are stored in a centralized location, easily accessible for members to download whenever needed. This streamlined approach ensures quick access to the latest pricing information.

Targeted Notifications: Users have the flexibility to specify product groups and update types for which they want to receive notifications. This targeted approach ensures that members only receive information relevant to their stocked products, preventing unnecessary email inundation.

Granular Security: To safeguard confidential information, eBiz incorporates granular security measures. Access levels are carefully managed, ensuring that only authorized users can view price details, minimizing the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Price Expiry Dates: Price files and other documents can be assigned start and expiry dates, allowing users to access upcoming and historical prices. The clear labeling of these dates ensures transparency, eliminating any confusion about the current price list.

By consolidating prices in a single location and providing targeted notifications, eBiz empowers members to stay profitable and competitive. The platform ensures confidentiality of information, a critical factor in today’s competitive marketplace. With eBiz, buying groups can navigate price fluctuations with ease, helping members make informed decisions to maintain their competitiveness in the market.