Contact and company management

eBiz understands the critical importance of Contact and Company Management within Buying Groups, and our platform is engineered to provide robust features that prioritize data security, user permissions, and seamless collaboration.

Customizable permission levels lie at the core of our platform, allowing Buying Groups to control access to sensitive information such as rebates. This ensures that only authorized personnel have access to critical financial data, protecting it from being viewed by sales and counter staff who do not require such information. We prioritize data security, and our customizable permission settings empower Buying Groups to tailor access levels according to their specific needs.

The platform also excels in handling the dynamics of joining and departing members. Robust security measures are in place to safeguard the data integrity of departing members, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected even after they leave the group. This commitment to security extends to user archiving and permission revoking features, offering administrators the tools to manage user access with precision.

To further fortify security, eBiz supports Two-Factor Authentication, adding an additional layer of protection to user accounts. This ensures that only authorized users can access the platform, enhancing overall data security for the buying group.

Customization is key in eBiz, and our platform allows users to tailor their notification settings. This means that users can receive information that is specifically relevant to their company, streamlining communication and ensuring that stakeholders stay informed without being overwhelmed with unnecessary notifications.

In conclusion, eBiz stands as the pinnacle of Contact and Company Management for Buying Groups, offering customizable permission levels, robust security features for departing members, user archiving, permission revoking, Two-Factor Authentication, and customizable notifications. With eBiz, Buying Groups can confidently manage their contacts and companies, fostering a secure and collaborative environment for efficient operations. Elevate your Contact and Company Management experience with eBiz and experience the pinnacle of data security and customization.