Communication and notifications

In the dynamic landscape of buying groups, effective communication is pivotal. eBiz recognizes that members require timely updates on diverse aspects, ranging from price changes to promotions, trade terms, delivery issues, and stock problems. However, inundating every member with all-encompassing emails is counterproductive, as different roles demand specific information.

To address this, eBiz offers a sophisticated notification system that empowers users with precise control. Members can customize their preferences, selecting specific product categories they want updates on, and indicating the types of information they wish to receive. This ensures that individuals only receive relevant updates aligned with their responsibilities and interests.

Category Control allows users to filter updates, receiving information only about products within their chosen categories. Meanwhile, Notification Types enable users to specify the nature of updates they wish to be informed about, such as “Trading Information,” “Price List changes,” or “Promotions and offers.”

eBiz further caters to diverse communication preferences. Users can opt for Instant Notifications, receiving timely emails when updates match their specified filters. Alternatively, those who prefer a consolidated overview can choose a Daily Email Digest, receiving a single email summarizing all updates from the previous day’s trading.

This targeted and customizable approach ensures that eBiz facilitates efficient and relevant communication within buying groups, fostering a streamlined flow of information without overwhelming members with extraneous details.