Document Management

  • Secure document management.
  • Browser based or via a network drive
  • Full granular security with access/edit/modify/delete permissions with interitance.
  • Intuitive and automated folder structure and document associations (promotions, price lists, calendar minutes, marketing information etc).
  • Multiple file upload, with drag and drop in the browser.
  • Full network drive access, for easy access and management of documents direct in Windows.
  • Automated document generation; spend spreadsheets, questionnaire results etc. are generated automatically.
  • Time senstive documents, so users can see which files are forthcoming/pending, which have expired, and which are current.
  • Vendors/members can upload files themselves which require moderation before being viewable by all.
  • Automated thumbnail generation of all documents for quick and easy browsing.

Document Management

Documents are a central part of any online system, and this is certainly true of a centralised system for buying groups - whether they be terms of trade, supplier/vendor promotions, company logos, meeting minutes, or simply general Word documents or Spreadsheets.

A key concern when dealing with a large repository of documents, is how best to structure them so they can be easily found, along with ensuring documents remain secure, so only the right people can access them and edit them.

The eBiz system automatically manages the creation and organisation of 95% of all documents, and we have a granular security system that ensures document confidentiality.

Of course, unless documents are up to date, then it does not matter how well organised they are. We cover that too, by allowing suppliers/vendors to upload their own price lists, promotions and marketing material, and moderating them, so administrators just need to check the moderation queue and approve the documents they deem appropriate.

And whilst having well organised and up-to-date documents is important, having access to forthcoming price lists, and historic price files and meeting minutes is also important. However, at the same time, you don't want users having to wade through lots of old documents to try and find the file they need. We've thought of that too, with all documents having potential start and expiry dates which are clearly labelled alongside every document.