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Creating a feature request

Feature requests will be chosen from submissions based on user votes, sponsorship, and exclusivity. Once a feature is selected for inclusion, it will be added to the product roadmap and release schedule, which can be found on our website..

Product releases are made quarterly. Depending on the date a request is submitted, if approved, will either appear in the next or subsequent release.

Features are chosen for inclusion based on the followed attributes, in order:

  1. Well funded sponsored requests that are non-exclusive
  2. Well funded sponsored requests that are exclusive
  3. Non sponsored requests that have the highest votes for inclusion
  4. Requests that we think will benefit the largest amount of users
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Sponsorship and exclusively

About Sponsorship

Sponsorship fast-tracks & prioritises development of your feature, and also gives you the option of making the feature exclusive (so no other groups can use the same functionality)

Any sponsorship pledges are always kept confidential.