We operate a high availability network infrastructure.

We operate through Amazon AWS using the EU West Region. Our webserver is connected to an Elastic Load Balancer, which scales up the required assets within two availability zones (two distinct network locations within the EU West Region). This means network location disaster (such as power outage or fire) would not afffect availability of service or data.

Within each availability zone, we run four main services:

  1. Elasticbeanstalk Web Application
    This is our main application server, which does the majority of the work. Each new patch added to the application server is first added to Amazon S3 (Storage), which means every copy and iteration of our application is stored both on and off site.
  2. MySQL RDS Database
    Our database server, which is backed-up in 5 minute intervals for 30 days, and then stored in Monthly snapshots in Amazon Glacier.
  3. CloudSearch
    Our ElasticSearch search server, which allows super-fast access to BI data such as rebates and earnings.
  4. ElasticCache
    Our MemcacheD caching server which stored user session data.

Each of these four servers are replicated in each availability zone, for maximum availability.

Static Assets (such as images and scripts) are stored in Amazon S3 and delivered via CloudFront, the Amazon content delivery network for high speed and caching availability.

Files stored in our application (user uploaded documents) are Stored in S3 also, with versioning turned on.

S3 documents are replicated in each Amazon AWS Region (US - N.Virginia, US - Oregon, US - California, EU - Ireland, EU - Frankfurt, Asia - Singapore, Asia - Tokyo, Asia -Seoul, Australia - Sydney, South America - Sao Paulo).